We make the impossible an experince

The things we do might look like witchcraft sometimes, but we just love to solve the impossible when no one else can.

System integration

Need to make anything talk with something else? It does not matter if it is new, really old, hardware or software. We will help you to integrate it into your existing systems.

Legacy code

Have a large legacy codebase that no one knows how it works anymore but you need to add feature to it? We can bring the shovel and start digging in the pile for you.

System analysis

Thinking abour buying new systems or have existing one that need to perform better? We can help you understand how to get the most out of your investments.

Systems development

Need someone who can help you build an architect code for new solution? We will join you and be with you all the way and help you reach your goals.

Our Works



We are working as a resource for Berotec and helping their customers.

Centurio Flight Traning

Centurio Flight Traning

We are supporting Centurio as Scrum Master and helping with development.

Our Team

Plux Stahre

Plux Stahre


Making witchcraft and solving difficult problems

+46 70 850 45 00


Torbjörn Lindblad

Torbjörn Lindblad

Head of operations

Explaining how witchcraft works to customers and solving difficult problems.

+46 70 033 87 98


Contact Us

Contact Details

Contact us if you want to take a coffee, say hello and discuss your next big project

Embassy House, Linnégatan 89C, Stockholm
Phone: +46 73 264 23 69
Email: hello@alphavant.is